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University Chair for Rose Studies

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Taif: Taif University has launched a university chair for rose studies. The cost of the project is to be funded by a businessman who has donated SR 4 million for various research studies such as developing better scientific ways for the profitable manufacture of the Taif variety of the rose flower and rose oil and ways to protect the rose from various plant diseases. The chair will also advise farmers on the healthy farming of the plant and the flower production. The university also plans to launch chairs for the study of the indigenous varieties of pomegranate and grapes. In the month of April, the rose fields are filled with small fragrant pink roses that are picked at dawn and later distilled into expensive Taif rose oil. The Taif Tourism Promotion Council also had approved the launching of the Chair for Rose Studies, according to Executive Director of the Taif branch of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, Tariq Mahmoud Khan.