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Winners of King Abdullah International Award for Translations

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Riyadh: Winners of the King Abdullah International Award for Translation were announced here last fortnight. The Award, in its 6th edition, was given this year for translation for institutions, translation in humanities and natural sciences as well as for individual efforts in translation. There are nine winners of the award, including one institution and eight individuals. The Award in the field of humanities went to Dr. Cecilia Martini for her translation of the book “Al-Farabi: Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle” from Arabic into Italian. The Award for individual efforts in translation went jointly to Dr. Joao Baptista de Medeiros Vargens, a Brazilian university professor and author of several studies on translation history, teaching, and analysis, and to Dr. Luis Miguel Perez Canada, a Spanish university professor who supervised more than 40 Arabic-Spanish translation programs in Arab literature and thought. The winners for translation in natural sciences from other languages into Arab were Reem Mohammad Al-Towairqi for her translation from English into Arabic of the book “How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life” and Dr. Abdulansser Salah Ibrahim and Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Salama for their translation from English into Arabic, Michael Wilson’s book “Bacteriology of Humans: An Ecological Perspective.”The Award in the field of humanities for translation from other languages into Arabic was shared by Dr. Salwa Suleiman Naqli for her translation of Peter Stockwell’s book “Cognitive Poetics: An Introduction” from English into Arabic and Ms. Rasha Saad Zaki for her translation of Thomas Sowell’s book “Applied Economics” from English into Arabic. The translation award for institutions went to Arab Center for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication,” an organization of Arab League.