Muslim US Marine on a Mission of Harmony

A Muslim man in the USA is on a mission to counter misconceptions about Islam. His approach is simple – travelling the country, challenging strangers to ask him anything. Mansoor Shams, who is also a former US Marine, currently resides in Maryland. He is travelling across the country, standing on street corners in cities and towns, carrying a sign reading: “I’m Muslim and a US Marine, ask anything.” He hopes to educate Americans about Islam and counter bigotry. “The message is so important for people to see considering what’s going on in our political environment,” Shams said, speaking to The Huffington Post. Shams started off with his project in the days after Donald Trump’s inauguration. “I guess what I want people to know, a guy who looks like me ― brown skin, black beard, the typical stereotype ― is not a terrorist. He could even be a US Marine!” Shams has currently travelled to Texas, Colorado, New York and Washington – his goal is to cover all 50 US states.


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