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Muslim US Marine on a Mission of Harmony

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A Muslim man in the USA is on a mission to counter misconceptions about Islam. His approach is simple ““ travelling the country, challenging strangers to ask him anything. Mansoor Shams, who is also a former US Marine, currently resides in Maryland. He is travelling across the country, standing on street corners in cities and towns, carrying a sign reading: “I’m Muslim and a US Marine, ask anything.” He hopes to educate Americans about Islam and counter bigotry. “The message is so important for people to see considering what’s going on in our political environment,” Shams said, speaking to The Huffington Post. Shams started off with his project in the days after Donald Trump’s inauguration. “I guess what I want people to know, a guy who looks like me “• brown skin, black beard, the typical stereotype “• is not a terrorist. He could even be a US Marine!” Shams has currently travelled to Texas, Colorado, New York and Washington ““ his goal is to cover all 50 US states.