Beseech not Humans

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The Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, had sought a special oath from some of his selected Companions that they would not beseech anyone for anything. The result was that even if they were to drop their whip while riding, they would stoop to receive it themselves and not request anyone to pick it up for them. [Abu Dawud, “Kitab al-Zakah”] The way to achieve this is to simply delink all your expectations from whatever other human beings may possess or whatever may be in their power; and give up hopes regarding whatever might be in the hands of human beings!
“O Allah! Instil in my heart all hopes with Thee; cut off all hopes with ought other than Thee.”
[Ibn Majah, “Kitab al-Zuhd”]
Most of the evils in human relationships, and most of the sorrows we encounter, are the result of broken expectations. By severing your hopes from human beings, not only will these relationships be freed from being hurt but you will also be able to rid yourselves of your grief and sorrow.
Compiled From:
“Dying and Living for Allah” – Khurram Murad, pp. 32-33