Building Ties with Relatives

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The believers have been asked to have strong bonds with relatives and to be kind to them.

Being kind and beneficent towards the relatives is integral to an Islamic character. The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, would constantly urge his followers to not only maintain harmonious ties with the relatives, but also to do good to them and ignore pinpricks or ill-treatment, if any caused by them.
A cursory glance over the Prophet’s hadith in this regard would reveal the following benefits for those who maintain good relationship with their relatives. 1- It enhances love and affection among people. 2- It results in special blessings of Allah which in turn cause prosperity and prolongation of life. 3- Death does not visit the person in painful state or adverse circumstances. 4- His good deeds avert tragedies and miseries. 5- Habitations where people generally share these characteristics witness good rains and bounteous yield of agriculture. 6- Good deeds towards others bring forgiveness of sins. 7- Reward for virtues multiply and the good-doer reserves his place in the Paradise. 8- Allah strengthens his ties with him, and, 9- The nation or community of good-doers deserve God’s mercy.

Being mindful of Family Ties
The Allah’s Prophet would ask his followers to keep a record of their lineage and be mindful of family ties in order that they could be helped in times of distress. A Hadith from Tirmizi says, such acts of kindness would cause prosperity and postpone the time of death. A Hadith from Sahih Bukhari informs us that the Prophet advised those who aspired for bounteous sustenance (Rizq) and prolongation of life, should show mercy towards their relatives and do good to them. Another Hadith adds that even those who wish that they do not die in adverse circumstances or in a painful manner, should fear God and build good relationship with their relatives. It further says that Allah removes such persons from all kinds of miseries and tragedies. Allah likes kindness and compassion and deems it a branch of His own mercy. So whoever firms up ties with relatives, Allah strengthens His bonds with him and whoever weakens the ties with relatives, Allah ignores him.
Avoid Rupturing Ties
A Hadith from Bukhari and Muslim says, an individual who disrupts ties with his relatives, will not find entry into the heaven. It is related that a member of a Bedouin tribe came to the Prophet while he was travelling with his companions in a desert, took the rein of the camel in his hand and held it. He asked the Prophet to tell him something that would lead him to the Heaven and save him from the Hell. The Prophet told him: Worship one God, do not make partners with Him, pray namaz, pay zakath and be good towards his relatives. Having heard this, he left the place. The Prophet addressed his companions and said, if he carried out whatever he had been told, he would gain entry into the Heaven.
A person came to the Prophet and confided in him that he had committed a major sin and was keen to seek Allah’s forgiveness for this. The Prophet asked him if his mother was alive. He said, ‘No’. The Prophet asked him if his mother’s sister was alive. He said, ‘Yes’. The Prophet asked him to treat her well.
Once the Holy Prophet while addressing his companions, said: “Anyone who does not maintain harmonious ties with his relatives, should not sit by my side”. A person in the audience, who heard the Prophet saying this, immediately left the place. He had his ties ruptured with his mother’s sister. He went to her aunt, sought forgiveness for his misdemeanours in the past and came back to join the Prophet’s gathering. He found the Prophet telling his followers: Any community which has individuals who have not treated their relatives well, will not deserve the mercy of God.

Cause for Divine Bounties
The Prophet even mentioned that any community with people treating their relatives with kindness and being good to their neighbours, will see that their habitations will receive copious rains and bountiful yield of crops.
The Prophet said, “The account of the deeds of people are submitted in Allah’s court on Friday evenings. Those who would have ill-treated their relatives would have their deeds rejected by Allah. (MAS)