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By Maulana Wahiuddin Khan
A ‘complaining mentality’ is a murderous mentality. It makes people think negatively. Someone who always complains, about this and that, is rendered incapable of thinking positively. This sort of mentality is, without a shred of doubt, the root of all ills. In most cases of violence, this mentality of constant complaint is at work.
This world has been created in such a way that it is inevitable that people will have complaints about each other. In this regard, what we need to do is to dispel our complaints about others as soon as they enter our minds. However, what generally happens is that we let complaints enter, first, into our conscious minds, and then if we constantly obsess about them, they gradually seep into our unconscious minds. And then they become so deeply entrenched that it is almost impossible to extricate them.
In this context, what one should do is to nip all complaints in the bud. We should remove them soon as they appear in our minds. If we do not do this, they will gradually become an integral part of our psyche, and then we will begin to think in an entirely negative way. We will start to look at others as our enemies. Some people might even, if they get the opportunity, resort to violence against those they have complaints about, even if this is entirely counter-productive for them.
The formula for nipping complaints in the bud is suggested in the following Quranic verse (42:30):
Whatever misfortune befalls you is of your own doing [“¦] This means that whenever you have a complaint against somebody, you should immediately turn the direction of the complaint towards yourself. You should try to search for some explanation of the issue in which you yourself emerge as the culprit. When you realize that the fault is actually yours, and not someone else’s, you will put yourself to rectifying your mistake, rather than wasting your time denouncing and protesting against some imaginary enemy.