Overcoming Whisperings

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Doing Good with God’s Bounty
Life-Giving Effects of Awareness of Death

Today, I woke up early. The lights were turned off except for the bed light. I tucked myself in the soft comforter while I hoped to get up and pray Tahajjud.But then I felt a suggestion: ‘Let me sleep some more and then get up. Anyways, if I don’t pray Tahajjud, it won’t cause me any sin.” The voice inside me encouraged me to go ahead with my plan, to sleep! So, I slept again, and woke up for Fajr.
This is a very common affair,that happens with many people. The voice that guided me to go back to sleep is the waswaas, which stops us from doing good or makes us do something that is wrong.We can fall prey to the waswaas very easily, as in the above case.
I missed out the blessings that the Tahajjud prayer would have brought me.
At Tahajjudtime, our Lord, the Almighty, says: ‘Who will call upon Me, that I may answer Him? Who will ask of Me, that I may give him? Who will seek My forgiveness that I may forgive him?’” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Whenever we face a situation when we are confronted with whisperings as above, take refuge in God. Then, go ahead with what your conscience tells you to do, that is, go and pray Tahajjud as in the above case.
Some other things that can help you in praying Tahajjud:
a) Make the intention to do so, before you go to sleep
b) Set an alarm to wake up
c) Go to bed early
d) Recite the duas before you sleep.

Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer
Here are some benefits of offering Tahajjud prayer:
• It gives inner strength and mental toughness.
• If someone wishes that their dua be accepted, this is the best time to ask.
• It strengthens religious understanding.
• It brings fresh inspiration.
• It can remove wickedness and prevent acts of sin.
• It can strengthen the memory.

Dear Readers, let us overcome the waswaas that we may encounter, by changing our perspectives and our mindset. Let us make a habit to practice good and stop evil.

(The author is a postgraduate and is currently pursuing a B.Ed in Karimnagar, Telangana. She is interested in writing articles, poems and stories.)