Trust in God

Sparing People Any Embarrassment
Dowry is Haraam
Leaving One Person Out

With good will and trust in God, self-confidence, and a hopeful attitude towards life, a man can always win his battle, however difficult.
One thing must always be remembered and that is our trust in God. No matter what the problem, by our trust in God the problem can be solved.
There is a story that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and his companion Siddiq were hiding behind a rock when a troop of men were following to attack them and when the noise of the hoofs of horses came to their ears, Siddiq said, ‘Hark they are coming!’ ‘Why fear?’, said the Prophet. ‘They are very near!’ ‘What matter?’, said the Prophet. Siddiq said, ‘They are many and we are only two.’ ‘No’, said the Prophet, ‘We are three: you and I and God.’ God must never be kept apart; that is our strength. In difficulties and troubles, no matter how dreadful, keep God before you and you will in the end get over the trouble.