Whose hearts will be like the hearts of birds, will enter Jannah

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Prophetic Way of Showing Concern Towards People

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (pbuh) said, “A group of people (both men and women) whose hearts will be like the hearts of birds, will enter Jannah”.
Small birds are free of feelings such as hatred and vengeance. Looking at a little bird, you will immediately recognize that it is an embodiment of sweetness, tenderness and innocence. That is why the dove has been universally declared a symbol of peace.
According to the above-quoted hadith, this is the heavenly quality that every individual who is desirous of Paradise must have. A heavenly personality is one that is completely free of all negativity. The bird has this positive quality by virtue of its instinct, whereas a heavenly personality has this quality as a conscious choice.
A heavenly personality is one who has moulded himself in such a way that his heart is completely devoid of feelings such as hatred and vengeance; who is able to control anger; who does not react negatively to situations; who can respond with love despite hatred from others; who can do good to people selflessly; who is able to live amongst people, considering all of them as his brothers and sisters; who averts all evil, seeking out the company of angels; who patiently bears all complaints; who carries out his duties and asks his rights from God””these are those superior qualities which make people deserving of entering Paradise.