Are you having nightmares?


Are you having nightmares?

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So, what triggers them?

Stress and Anxiety
• A recent increase in daily stress may trigger nightmares. Examples including having a higher work demand, moving/ shifting, stressful news…
• Chronic worrying and or specific fear or phobia.

• Nightmares are common to those who experience post-traumatic stress disorder.
• If your dreams are reminiscent of a stressful event that has occurred, this may be an underlying cause.

Sleep Deprivation
• Changes in schedule, irregular sleeping and insomnia may interrupt quality sleep and trigger nightmares.

Medications and or supplements
• Certain medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, beta blockers and more may trigger nightmares.
Please note : consult with a doctor before ever stopping prescribed medication. There may be another way to reduce nightmares.

• Alcohol and recreational drugs may interrupt sleep, increase overthinking and trigger nightmares.
• This also includes drinking caffeine too close to bedtime.

Ingesting frightening media
• For some people reading scary books or watching frightening movies or listening to unpleasant news before bedtime can trigger nightmares.

Other disorders
• This includes medical conditions and mental disorders that interfere with sleep.

Here are some tips you can do to reduce Nightmares:
• Establish a calming and consistent bedtime routine such as reading a book, meditating, doing a puzzle or taking a warm bath.
• Set up bedroom to be a comfortable and quiet place for sleep.
• Talk about your dream with someone and then reality test this dream with your present.
• Work with a mental health professional addressing stress, anxiety, trauma and other mental health disorders.
• Avoid consuming negative news and social media content, especially before going to bed
• Say positive affirmations and statements to yourself post a nightmare once you wake up