Homeopathy – Is it Safe?

Food for Thought
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Homeopathy is a healing system that deals with all health problems in a benign and gentle way – it is a slow sure way of keeping good health no matter how old or young you are.

Homeopathic medicines are made from extracts of roots, flowers, and herbs and are not harmful to our bodies. They do not cause loss of appetite or make you feel weak and tired as most allopathic drugs do. A week on antibiotics to cure any infection is sure to leave you feeling tired and washed out whereas homeopathic medicines will treat the infection successfully without giving you these side effects.

This happens mainly because allopathic medicines are made from chemicals, they are not natural derivatives. For example, to bring down a fever we generally take paracetamols like Crocin, Dolopar, etc., whereas in Homeopathy we use remedies like Aconite and Ferrum Phos which are much safer. They do not get deposited in the liver or kidneys or even cause acidity.

Many people feel that if you have to take Homeopathy you will not be able to take any other medicines-this is not the case. A good homeopath will get you to gradually reduce allopathy, get used to Homeopathy and then either stop allopathy completely or, for your mental satisfaction, continue on the reduced dosage for however long it is necessary.

Lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar are generally dealt with in this way. For High Blood Pressure, RAWOLFIA SERPENTINA (Sarpagandha) is a tried and tested remedy as is SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM (Jambol seeds) to treat Diabetes effectively.

In this way we can help ourselves get better naturally as we all know HEALTH is WEALTH – when you are fit and fine you feel on top of the world !!