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Tail bone pain can be defined as, in a very simple way: When standing becomes easier than sitting and walking becomes easier than sitting in a luxury car.

In medical terminology it can be defined as:-
“Coccydynia is a medical term meaning pain in the coccyx or tailbone area (end part of the spine) , usually brought on-
* By ““ Sitting Abruptly, or continuous sitting as in software jobs(50-60%).
* Fall on buttocks, accidently or due to sports injury like skiing,rugby, volleyball, football, cricket, etc.
* Post pregnancy,
* Bike or car accident, fracture coccyx.
It is very similar to low back pain and shows more or less same symptoms as low back pain, so it is very important to differentiate it with low back pain, by proper diagnostic procedures.
* Pain during or after sitting, the level of pain depending on how long you sit.
* Acute pain while moving from sitting to standing.
* Pain caused by sitting on soft and hard surfaces.
* Deep ache around the coccyx.
* Sensitivity to finger pressure on the tip of tailbone.
* Shooting pains down the leg.
* Like sitting on a knife.
* Pain during bowel movements, and sometimes before.
* Pain during sexual intercourse, either in men or women.
* Increased pain around the time of a woman’s monthly period – this may be due to variations in the levels of estradiol.
Other Similar Conditions Same as Tail Bone Pain
Pilonidal Sinus-Pilonidal sinus(sacrococcygeal fistula,) is a cyst or abscess near or on the natal cleft of the buttocks that often contains hair and skin debris.
Pudendal Nuralgia-(also known as Alcock canal syndrome,) is an uncommon source of chronic pain, in which the pudendal nerve(located in the pelvis) is entrapped or compressed. Pain is positional and is worsened by sitting. Other symptoms include genital numbness, fecal incontinence and urinary incontinence).
Pyriformis Syndrome” Pain over lateral side of the buttocks area due to tightness of pyriformis muscle.
To Avoid Damage-
Consult the specialist -www.coccyx.org and www.tailbonepaindoctor.com
* Lean forward
* Find comfortable clothes
* Standing while others sit
Comfortable position for sex
This condition has been neglected because of lack of awareness, and knowledge of treatment, because of software and sedentary life style which is again due to advancement in our day today technological growth, we become more and more dependent on machines. People are becoming lazy and not keen about fitness and stamina. Ultimately we are forgetting that we are inviting so many diseases and health problems because of lack of exercise.
As it affects the private parts of our body, so many people feel shy and avoid sharing with their family, friends as well as colleagues which leads to delay in treatment and by the time they reach us, its already few years late.
Dr.Mubashira (PT) sees only women patients, so it becomes comfortable for a lady patient to share with a lady doctor.
Dr Mubashira and Dr.Rajveer Singh (PT) are working in MG Diagnostics and Imaging Center, Wilson garden Bangalore. MG Center has got good facilities for MRI, CT, Mammography (to rule out breast cancer) and a well equipped lab. Apart from tail bone pain, they are specialized in back pain, and other joint pains post-natal problems, pudendal pain, pyriformis pain etc. Treatment is cost effective and reachable to everyone.
As per UK based website- www.coccyx.org and www.tailbonepaindoctor.com, presently these are the two specialists among few in India and worldwide, who are taking care of this condition.
MG Diagnostics and imaging Center,
Wilson Garden, Bangalore-27
Tel: +918042525000
Dr.Rajveer Singh (PT), 9886688323, email- [email protected]
DR.Mubashira(PT), 9986632631, email- [email protected]