Saudi Arabia Demonstrates its Mega-Diversification Projects  in Host of Sectors at Exhibition

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Saudi Arabia Demonstrates its Mega-Diversification Projects in Host of Sectors at Exhibition

New Delhi: In a bid to showcase the mega projects in the tourism, entertainment, technology, culture, and sports sectors and attempt to diversify the oil-based economy, the Ministry of Media, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hosted a three-day exhibition here on the sidelines of the G20 Leader’s Summit. The exhibit, called Media Oasis, was organized on September 9–11 at the Oberoi Hotel.

A host of Saudi ministers and senior officials were present in the event.

Speaking with Islamic Voice, Dr. Khalid A. Al-Ghamdi, Deputy Minister for International Media Relations of Saudi Arabia, said the purpose of the event was to highlight a comprehensive and engaging look at Saudi Arabia’s top initiatives in the tourism, entertainment, technology, culture, and sports industries. The exhibition’s main focus was Vision 2030, a Saudi Arabian program designed to diversify the nation’s economy, society, and culture.

Another Saudi official, Ms. Nouf Al-Saud, who is the general manager of marketing at the Ministry of Sport, told Islamic Voice that “we are here to demonstrate how sport has improved our society, economy, and the Kingdom. As a consequence of our crown prince’s foresight and ongoing support for the sports industry, Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of the most interesting and vibrant nations in the world of sports.

She said football is the national game of Saudi Arabia, but we are also focusing on other sports too.

The event showcased the initiatives being taken by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Invest Saudi, Saudi Ministry of Sports, Saudi Ministry of Energy, Red Sea Global, SDAIA, FII Institute, Royal Institute of Traditional Arts Konoz, and CGC.

Visitors were given a tour of the numerous futuristic megaprojects under construction on the northwest coast of the Kingdom, including The Line, Sindalah Island, the Trojena ski resort, and the Oxagon floating industrial zone, in the NEOM segment of the event.

Media Oasis drew enthusiastic interest from a wide range of visitors including diplomats and influencers, who were in awe of the high-tech, interactive displays.

Several visitors told Islamic Voice that we thought of Saudi Arabia as a desert land, but now we see that there are mountains, seas, and other beautiful places as well. The exhibition has changed our impression of Saudi Arabia.

Former diplomat Zikarur Rahman, who is India’s envoy to Saudi Arabia, told Islamic Voice that the idea of oasis creation is a word Saudis have chosen that is really appropriate for this kind of presentation, and I believe that this is one of the best things that Saudis have launched. Rahman visited Media Oasis on all three days.

The event coincided with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s trip to India’s capital for the G20 Leaders’ Summit. It was the third edition of the Media Oasis and the first to take place outside the Kingdom. The first edition of the Media Oasis was held in conjunction with the 32nd Arab Summit in Jeddah in June 2023.