Goa Church Holds Public Protest Against CAA

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Anti-CAA protest in Goa

Margao: Hundreds of people from various religions attended a protest meet organized by the Church against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population register (NPR) in Margao, Goa’s commercial capital. “It is our common conviction that these measures are unconstitutional and therefore, unacceptable. The government must listen to the voice of the people and withdraw the act,” Father Savio Fernandes, executive secretary of the Council of Social Justice and Peace, one of the organizers explained the purpose of the January 24 protest.
The Goa unit of the National Confederation for Human Rights and the Concerned Citizens for Democracy collaborated with the Church group.
Speakers were unanimous that the main purpose of the federal government in enacting the citizenship law was to divide the people of India. “We thank our government for helping us to come together as one family irrespective of our religion,” they said.
Father Fernandes aid the CAA and NRC are “literally shaking the foundations of India’s existence as a pluralistic, multi-faith society where all citizens are supposed to be equal before the law.”
The amended citizenship law, the priest added, would undermine the commitment to equality before the law enshrined in India’s constitution.
(Extracted from mattersindia.com)