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In recognition of his outstanding efforts as a global peacemaker, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa received an honorary doctorate from the UN’s University of Peace, Geneva. This honor was given to Dr. Al-Issa for his outstanding efforts in international diplomacy, encouraging friendship among people, and his successful efforts in fighting hate.
Dr. Al-Issa stated that it was the sacred duty of everyone to promote peace and harmony throughout the world.
He said, “I am greatly grateful to have been awarded this honor and that we must all continue to work with all of our efforts to build coexistence among the people in this world, for the future generations.”
Larbi Djacta, UN Undersecretary-General, praised Dr. Al-Issa as “a leading global voice on moderate Islam” who “advanced constructive cooperation and counteracted extremism.”
The University for Peace, an academic institution of the UN system, is headed by the UN secretary-general as honorary president.