The Medicine to Fight Against Satan

The Price I Pay For Respecting Islam
“Those Muslims who adopt a traditionalist mindset of Islam’s superiority would not be capable of true dialogue””¦. Adis Duderija.
“Islamophobia can be Countered with Positive Message of Islam”

Whenever Satan wants to deceive me, I get addicted to the study of God’s creation theory. It works well. Every person should research the mystery of Allah’s creation. Then the faith will be strong. Satan will be defeated because Allah the Almighty is Omnipotent. One of the things that affects me the most is the sea. It works as a wonder drug. Strengthens the foundation of my faith. I think the ocean is a source of mystery. When we dive into the ocean of thinking about the mystery of God’s creation, we will not have the opportunity to see Satan’s Satanism.

The current era is at the peak of technological excellence. With the help of technology, people are now able to know all such strange things that were unimaginable to people even a few centuries ago. Whatever is unknown to man is under the finger of the great creator. The vision of a curious man and the vision of an ordinary man are never the same, though the power of the eye is the same. Some people go to the seashore just for entertainment but some inquisitive people go to know the unknown. People must know why the sea is so unique, and what is its secret. This desire to know awakens in man an eternal thirst.

People are rushing to the bottom of the bottomless sea to see what lies beneath. The seawater has a sanctuary for all kinds of animals. There are also gold mines, diamonds, gems-pearls-jewelry. All the corals that connect the eyes, connect the mind. Algae that were once thought of as marine garbage are now gracing people’s dinner tables. Algae provide nutrients to the human body and increase human immunity. People are not only looking for gold mines in the seabed, but people’s eyes of curiosity have also fallen on whether there are oil and gas fields in the seabed. People did not sit still after discovering oil and gas fields, their oil and gas business expanded worldwide. A few countries have entered the ranks of the rich only by extracting, storing, and selling oil and gas. Their economy has blossomed overnight. Those small desert countries are now the world’s most influential economic countries that once used to ride camels in the desert.

Undoubtedly, Allah’s plan is the best. God has scattered all those secrets that people cannot yet imagine all over the world since the beginning of the creation of the earth. The sea is the reservoir of all the strange mysteries. Soon, there may be discoveries from the sea that we cannot yet imagine. Allah says in the Qur’an, ”All that He has created for you on the earth are of different colours. In this, there is evidence of the Truth for the people who take heed. It is He who subjected to you the sea, so that you may eat its fresh seafood and bring forth from it ornaments to wear. You see the ships cleaving through it. All this, so that you may seek His bounty and feel grateful.” (Surah Nahl, verses 13-14)

The sea is a laboratory of thinkers. Allah is the creator of the universe. He is the greatest engineer. He is the greatest planner. He has created everything in this universe with perfect skill. He has spread innumerable blessings all over the world. The intention is that people should enjoy all His blessings and worship Him alone. Seek the happiness of the eternal life of the hereafter by exploiting the earthly blessings. One of these creations is the ocean. The ocean is a creation of God which is a storehouse of endless blessings for humans. The ocean is a great wonder of God’s creation. The ocean has always aroused curiosity among people since the dawn of civilization. People’s continuous research and exploration of the ocean is still going on.

Many people may wonder what to do to know Allah. How can we understand the existence of Allah? To know Allah, to understand Him, to feel His existence, what we can do is to think about the signs He created. Since Allah Ta’ala does not come before any man because He prefers to remain hidden; Therefore, He must be found out with the signs created by him. And there is a great reward for the believer. Marine algae rich in nutrients are now being eaten by people and being exported abroad, and gas and electricity are being produced from human and animal excrement. So, what’s trivial? The useless clock hanging on the wall of your house? No. Even a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day. And this is why Allah commanded: Say: “Travel in the earth and see how the first creation was. Then Allah will build (fulfill) the Creation of the Hereafter. Surely Allah has Power over all things”.