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93% of French Muslims voted for François Hollande

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A poll by L’institut de sondages OpinionWay suggests that in the second round of voting in the French presidential elections on May 6, 93% of Muslims voted for Presidentelect Hollande. 59% of those polled voted for Hollande in the first round of voting. “It is the mark of a true rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy,” said Julien Goarant, research director at Opinionway. Sarkozy’s attempts to woo Far-right voters and question the role of Islam (especially Halal meat) in France did not go unnoticed. A poll for La Vie showed that 79% of practicing Catholics voted for Sarkozy, with Hollande cornering only 21% of their vote. But 70% of those considering themselves “without religion” went with Hollande, according to Le Figaro.