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Young Muslims in Germany: “Berlin Needs You!”

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While the debate about Muslim integration in Europe seems dominated by fears and division, Berlin-based writer Julia Hoffmann highlights one German effort to help promote diversity in the public sector. One of these initiatives is “Berlin needs you!”, a campaign
borne out of the need to support immigrant youth, including 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants, in Berlin. The majority of participants come from Muslim backgrounds, and the programme helps them navigate the German vocational training system and find careers in the public sector. “Berlin needs you!” began with an information campaign addressing students, teachers and parents to let them know about the opportunity to participate in vocational training in the public sector. A vocational education involving a three-year apprenticeship, with half of the time spent in vocational school and the other half spent training on the job, is mandatory for anyone in Germany who wants to work as a skilled labourer and receive a regular salary without relying on government benefits. Currently the project offers students insight into 100 different professions in more than 12 vocational fields. ( Reported by Julia Hoffmann (Qantara.de)