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A Modern Form of ‘Khanqah’

Transformative Insights: Dr. Tanveer Durdana Reflects on the Discover Yourself Workshop
Connecting to Oneself in Kochi
Ten Magical Days! Bonding like a Family!

This workshop is simple with the practical approach of Islam, instead, of ritualistic Islam.

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Mumbai on 25,26 and 27th November 2017, hosted by Maria Education Foundation and in Nagpur on the 1,2 and 3rd December 2017, organised by Fikr Care.

Some of the participants share their experiences about the workshop.

  • Only ‘I’ can change my life, nobody else can change. Jazakallah Khair for this wonderful workshop.
  • Alhamdulillah! I am getting the real meaning of submission which is transforming my life.
  •  Thank you, sir, you are really bringing spark in our lives! May Allah t reward you, please come back soon, many are waiting for the next workshop in Nagpur.
  • Thanks a lot sir, I am experiencing a new happy world, which was not there before. I am accepting changes very quickly, previously I was stubborn.
  • Sir, thanks a lot, I changed a lot, sometimes I get angry, but, coming back to normal very quickly, that was not possible previously.
  • Very good coaching to lead a successful life and to live life in reality.
  • Life transforming workshop. I am happy and satisfied. My friends who came with me also enjoyed and feel good. Keep it up!!
  • Excellent workshop to change one’s way of life. Before I was very rude, had a bad tongue and a very bad temper. But, after the first day itself, my behaviour changed almost 70%.
  • I was confused about everything and now I am at peace. Every person should attend this workshop for effective living.
  • My life became disciplined, my purpose of life and the context of life became more evident.
  • Before the workshop, I used to treat my family members as slaves. But, now they are also equal to me and I take suggestions from them to live happily.

Dr. SUSHMA: Before the workshop, I was very frustrated, disoriented, questioning myself and God about why is this happening? Why am I not happy? After the workshop, I am feeling energetic, full of peace and positive energy. Free of doubts and willing to submit to the reality. I am feeling very happy and stress free. I achieved the aim with which I registered for the workshop. I am lucky to get this opportunity to attend, thank you, sir. This is my life changing event.

DR. ASHFAQ KHAN: It is a modern form of ‘Qhanqhah’. This workshop is simple with the practical approach of Islam, instead, of ritualistic Islam. The approach of distinction was fantastic, innovative and practical. The workshop directs the participants towards the day to day life from an Islamic perspective. In the present scenario, the presentation of such workshops should be a priority in the community.

BAZIL: I wanted to mention something. I have been associated with the work of Dawah for 7 years. I used to be satisfied with what I had in life and what work I was doing, listening to the benefits of the work of Dawah. I used to think that at least I am doing this work, at least I am offering namaz, at least I am attending Taalim and at least I am going 3 days in Allah’s path. My “Qareen” used to make me mutmaeen of my Aamaal, but then I thought where’s the progress!? I mean, I am doing the work but, where am I actually progressing!? I am still where I am since the last 3-4 years,but when I attended Sadath Khan Sir’s workshop, the illusion I was living with, got cleared. “Knowledge without action is incomplete” was one of the things that was mentioned and after what I experienced in the workshop, I truly believed in the statement!!! The experience was so marvelous that now, the work of Dawah has its own benefits, but this is something different. The methodology of Sadath Khan, Sir, is really Game Changing!! They say a phrase in the work of Dawah “Jo yahan Bana…woh kahin Bigad nahi sakta..Aur Jo yahan Bigda…woh kahin ban nahi sakta…” My reply to those people is “ban sakta hai…Discover Yourself Workshop attend karne ke baad…!!!…”…agar woh khud badalna chahta ho toh…”…thank you once again for this workshop and please contact me for future…if I can help in any way.

SAMEED: One of my life changing workshop. Great speaker…. simply Great. I feel the session was worth more than any amount [generally Corporates charge approx. 30k to 50k for this kind of workshops.] .. Thanks! You will really feel your past mistakes, you will stop complaining about seniors and start understanding their perspective. It will surely help you to upgrade your career..

JABEEN: This workshop was not just a mind blowing experience, but a miracle for me, how Allah opens the doors to the one who wishes. For a long time, I have been learning Quran and I was feeling we are lacking something. We need more help of implementation and workshops like these. Loads and loads of dars and bayans..but still I was not satisfied. I was struggling to reach the society with the precious message of building up one’s self in the light of Quran. It had enlightened me and I have been trying hard to reach the masses who have been caught up in the net of just firqa and Quran as “ONLY” a religious book. The message seemed lost.. So I myself began associating family, friends and collegues trying to reach my idea, made my presentation as “ART OF LIVING in light of Quran” and had a couple of presentations. This discover yourself workshop has given me unimaginable gems.
ZAINAB: I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for showing me the right path. Attending the DYS workshop is making a real difference to me. I attended other workshops before, but they all seemed to misguide me more than what they were meant for. The chart you explained about the identity of nafs and the benchmark ‘La’ for submitting to reality has been the most transformational point for me. Alhamdulillah! “ŽI specially, benefitted a lot from the advice you gave during personal counselling. I searched for the answer to solve my relationship with dad, with many sources before, but could not find a practical solution that resonated with me. I am working on it daily and gradually being able to talk to dad. I pray that Allah guides and purifies our hearts and brings love, connection and unity among us. I have also reduced reacting to my sister significantly. Even if I am getting angry and judgmental I am being conscious and able to hold it back and shut up. Remembering to shut up is helping me stop myself, smile and respond consciously and calmly too in most of the instances that I used to feel like bursting with rage for reasons I didn’t understand. Tracking my thoughts is helping me to be accountable and continue maintaining my jihad of self discovery and improvement. “ŽAlso a big thanks for clarifying my mom with the approach to choose the boy for marriage. “ŽJazakallah khair for everything Sir. May Allah reward you highly. Ameen. I’m deeply grateful to Allah for sending you.

SABA: This workshop opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective towards my presence in this world. I came to know how much happiness I have in my own surroundings. Now I know my self worth, a lot for all my family and friends. I had many thoughts negatively clicking in my mind, now I have discovered to tackle it. Jazakllah khair, for letting me be a part of this peaceful event.