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DYS workshop is an Eye-Opener- A Must for every Human Being

Transformative Insights: Dr. Tanveer Durdana Reflects on the Discover Yourself Workshop
From Confusion to Clarity: Testimonials from the Discover Yourself Workshop

Discover Yourself Workshop on the 27,28, & 29 MAY 2022 in Zimris Abc Auditorium, Hyderabad.

Some of the Participants Share Their Experiences of the Workshop:
• Your journey toward the Truth of life is incomplete without the Discover Yourself workshop.
• I am able to differentiate clearly the personal reality and Absolute reality which will help to use my word wisely and create my software
• The workshop is a Life changer, Ghaur-o Fikr Karne wala banata Hai.- Tadabbur Enhancer.
• The workshop connects people to Allah. I am able to distinguish between good and evil.
• Before I was short-tempered, but when I started accepting reality kept quiet and I let myself control my mind.
• An Eye-Opener. It addresses the key problems that have been challenging “HUMANITY” and the solution to an Islamic way of life.
• It helped me to discover myself. You are not just giving people knowledge but you are changing lives.
• Before I was so egoistic, and selfish, I am right and others wrong but now I am changed. I want Khan sir to continue doing the workshop.
• I think every human being must attend this workshop. I am able to take control of my anger.

SANA: I would struggle emotionally, in my interpersonal relationships, my career, and Spiritual peace. I have attended several workshops and this one workshop has the solutions to all my problems in life. My parents saw a major change in me and my family got together after more than a decade of separation. I am more kind, loving, non-judgmental, responsible, and accountable. I am starting a project to spread these teachings of the DYS workshop.

JAMAL: I always heard about gratitude, acceptance, not having expectations, etc.. but the three days actually took me through each with greater depth from the perspective of Allah’s words in the Quran and made me realize my role as a Muslim on earth and where I sand. It has given me parameters on which I must do a reality check continuously. Now, I am going back with a stronger intention and commitment to make a difference.

KULSUM: My life before the workshop was just a cattle nafs living and concerned only about my life and always had asked Why me? And such sorts of questions often made me cry, sad, and depressed, After the workshop the realized that peace and tranquility are created by myself and not by others. Forgiving, asking forgiveness, accepting myself, and accepting others is not that hard now, Alhamdulillah! And peace created is undesirable.

KASHIF: Before the workshop, I judged people and lived in the world of opinions and judgments. But after the workshop, I realized what the problem is and was willing to come out of the box. I had a great experience in the workshop, I got many things from sir, made new friends, and got to know what being a true Muslim is. I feel the members of my family who attended the workshop are showing positive changes. Sir, I would just like to say you are doing a great job changing people’s lives never stop and keep on changing lives.