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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Akola on 13,14, and 15 September 2019 at Kohinoor function Hall, Lakdhi Ganj, Akola. It was organized by Maharastra Rajia Urdu Shikshak Sanghatna, Akola.

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:
“¢ To change your life, this is the best workshop.
“¢ In the workshop, I got the eye that can see the truth. Earlier, I was most of the times irritated, and but now I am calm and happy.
“¢ This workshop changed me from an animal to a human being.
“¢ After attending this workshop, I experienced peace, I started to see everyone with love and they also responded to me with love.
“¢ I have attended many workshops, but this workshop is unique and best.
“¢ Everybody who attends this workshop, walks out as a human being.
“¢ In this workshop, I got the ability to distinguish between Truth, Falsehood and Good and Evil and between mind and heart.
“¢ I was carrying the past baggage due to which I had high blood pressure. Now I have let go of all the baggages and forgiven everybody and feel light.
“¢ Before the workshop, I was stone hearted, irritated and had satanic characteristics. After the workshop, I started to be a human being and started seeing and treating others as human beings and I feel so good.
“¢ I got the solution in this workshop for all our domestic problems which not only me, but every family is going through. Allah created us as human beings and our purpose is to spread humanity.
“¢ This workshop changed my life and gave me a new way to lead my life. Before the workshop, I was only a thinking machine and was living a mechanical life. I benefitted a lot from this workshop.

AMEEN: These types of workshops must be held regularly as in life, there are ups and downs, sometimes we listen to the mind and sometimes to the heart. Being a Maulvi, I was aware of all the things said in the workshop, but was not able to put into practice, but now onwards, I shall practice.
ANAM: The workshop was outstanding. Before the workshop, I used to judge everyone, but after attending this workshop, I have started to see others as human beings. This workshop has helped me in shutting my mind and opening my heart. It was worth attending.
AQZIM: By participating in the workshop, many things in my life altered. I had the habit of creating opinions of others and believed it to be the truth. I recognized the human being inside me, and this changed my life. I came to know the reality of life.
ARSHIYA: Before attending this workshop, I was full of anger, and my family members would reprimand me, but after the workshop, the anger disappeared and I am able to control it. Now my family members feel that I am a good human being and humanity was flowing all around. Earlier I was under the impression that others were bad, but now I see that it is my perception about them.
FARHAN: For the first time, I learned many things which I never knew before. Teaching techniques were excellent. Sadath Sir’s explanation with both religious and worldly examples were clear to understand our lives. My family members saw some changes in my life and were happy. I want to practise, Inshallah, what I learned here.
IQRA: I am a student, before attending the workshop I used to misbehave with those younger to me as well as the elders, also sometimes with my mother also. Now, after attending the workshop, I took control of myself, I realized that how I was the slave of my mind and reacted. I experienced peace and satisfaction internally.
MEHVASH: Before attending the workshop, there was no peace and happiness in my life. I was always asking the question”¦.. why it always happens to me only? I used to blame Allah and complain. I had bad relationships with my family members. Now after attending the workshop, I am at peace with myself and able to see things clearly. If I had not attended this workshop, I would have lived in ignorance all my life. This workshop guided and showed me a new way to live my life and come closer to Allah.
NOORIN: Before attending the workshop, I did not have self-confidence. I had the grief of the past and fears of failures in the future. Always I had negative thoughts about failures. After attending the workshop, all my fears have disappeared. I am thankful to Allah for what He has blessed and for what I have not got also. I am grateful for there must be some wisdom in it. I am content and happy now.
NABIHA: After the workshop, I began to see life from a totally new perspective. I learned to forgive myself. I have learned to respect equality. I have learned to express my anger in a totally different way. I was earlier thinking and expressing through my mind and body, but now I have learned to follow my heart, which is the center of Allah.