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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Nairobi on the 27 and 28th February 2016

The “Discover Yourself” workshop was held in Jamshedpur and in Chennai in January 2016.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

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  • It really helped me discover a new ‘I’ in me.
  • Life is totally changed. I found myself. I stopped judging. I found peace after forgiving the one who hurt me.
  • Released my tension and stress, my blood pleasure was normal today.
  • It was extra-ordinarily good, an eye opener for humanity. The Workshop should be done for the whole humanity.
  • After the workshop I became conscious as to not only think about ‘I, ME and MYSELF,’ but focus on others. I am able to control my anger.
  • This workshop has changed my thinking process and my perception, Islamic values and my present life style.
  • This workshop helped me a lot in changing my mind, my thinking, my personality and my heart. I feel like a new person, with lots of positivity. I really discovered myself.
  • Before this workshop my life was boring. I faced problems in interacting with people. Now I can face people with an open heart.
  • My thoughts, deeds, actions and perceptions changed after attending this workshop.
  • The Workshop changed me, now I am seeing every human being as equal, as Allah’s creation.
  • This is an amazing and useful workshop, it changed me, everyone should attend this workshop.
    I was able to control my anger and ego.
  • Worth attending, a holistic education, and it’s the first time I attended a programme from Allah’s perspective.
  • The workshop shut my mind for a few minutes, totally blank, a blessing for me.
  • I clearly understood the difference between ‘I’ and ‘Myself’.
  • This workshop was very unique in nature with realistic ‘Islamic ideals and values’ embedded with the path and teachings for being a good human being.

ATEEQ: Alhamdulillah, this workshop was a reminder of what is said in the Quran and Sunnah. Mr Khan is a very energetic, dynamic man who conducted the workshop in a dynamic way showing us simple living, high thinking, loving others and giving back something to society.
IMRAN : From this workshop I have realized that who is a human being? When we are responding, who is responding”¦ Insan or beast or animal? Body and mind should be controlled by internal faculty (heart). Logic and reason cannot help us to connect with Almighty Allah. I have realized that my evil nafs is my enemy. I have got the power to distinguish between Truth and Falsehood (Huqq and Batil).
ROQIAYA: Jazakallah khair for giving me positivity. I never knew who I am. I was confused between the two worlds, inner and the external. But now I am clear that if my inner world ( Batin) is good then automatically my response to the external world ( zahir) will be good. I cannot change anone, but I have to change my point of view. I got the keys, to see from ‘LA’ back ground, see and treat everyone as human beings, submit, not deny and be in the present and leave the past and future.
ZEBA: Earlier it was a big challenge for me to accept my faults and my negative qualities within me. I would end up everywhere by blaming others and by being impatient. My brother brought me to this workshop and I feel very lucky and I am thankful to Allah for giving me this wonderful opportunity of attending the workshop. My family members perhaps found change in my behaviour and found me soft spoken since the last three days.
AMMARAH: a life changing journey. I always thought that I have to change myself, but lacking the tools and techniques, through this workshop now Alhamdulillah, I am able to cope up my own disabilities and I will change myself for the sake of Allah.
AHMED SAROOR: Practical demonstration was heart touching and marvelous. I felt it very much useful for getting the true path of Islam. Before the workshop, I was in darkness to understand the spirit of Islam. My feeling and experience about this workshop is to kill the inner evils, give up the satanic path and live the submission path of Allah and the Prophet. My family members were also benefitted and influenced very much and are committed to follow the path of submission. The workshop was excellent, the time period was less and it should be for five days.
SHAFQAT: It was a life changing experience. I was depressed. I could not accept the way life was. I did not have the confidence to overcome my problems and most important, I could not diagnose my problems. After attending this workshop, I felt the difference in life. My behavior towards others changed and I discovered myself. Now I am responsible, accountable and grateful, this is who I am.
FAZILAT: Earlier I failed to discover myself. It was very painful to accept that there exist negative qualities within me. If anybody ever reflected my bad qualities I would become very arrogant and hate that person. But now, I am ready to accept, rather am very thankful to each and everyone who would help me in discovering myself. This workshop was an ‘Eye Opener’ for us all.
SHOEB: Before the workshop, I believed in right and wrong and I felt I am superior. Now, I look at everybody as a human being. I lived in a world of assumptions, opinions and judgments, but now I am not. It helped me over come my anger and know who I am?
SUMMAYA: Before the workshop, I was having constant chatter in my mind, worries, doubts and past experiences. Now, I feel my mind is clear and silent. My response to my spouse has remarkably changed, I just wanted to get angry at my spouse, but took a minute and decided to just take what he is saying and not interpret it. After attending the workshop for 10 hours, I still had energy after going home.