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Gaining Enlightenment in Mumbai

‘Heart Blowing’ Discover Yourself Workshop in Hyderabad!! Powerful and Life Changing!!
Calming the Soul
An Awesome Workshop for Today’s Generation

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Mumbai on December 13, 14 and 15, 2014. Organised by Al Mumminah School, teachers and students experienced joy and freedom in their lives after attending this Workshop. Some of the participants shared their experiences about the Workshop.

* Before coming to this workshop I had knowledge, and now Inshallah, I have the ability to implement it in my life.
* It changed my life and gave a new vision of life.
* It relieved stress and insecurity of the future.
* This was the best workshop, showing the path I need to walk on.
* An insight on Myself and my journey to discover Myself just began.
* It was a really an enlightening workshop, making me see Islam in a holistic approach.
* This workshop has changed my whole life.
* Everyone was surprised at my home, that I have changed so much only in these three days.
* It showed me how to be a real Muslim.
* It showed me who I am and how am I supposed to be.
SHAZIA: Mostly, I realized how much of blaming I did on external factors and allowed those situations to hurt me. With this workshop, I get a different insight and an ability to view the situations from a different view. I viewed Islam as a way of my life in a very enriching way, which covers holistic approach which I never experienced in any other Islamic seminars. Jazakallah Khair.
KHAMAR: This workshop will play a very important role in my life and Inshallah, I will focus on my word and focus on my action, never ask questions “WHY?” Nor expect anything from others. My way of thinking is totally changed because of this workshop and it is also very useful for my life.
RUQIA: Before the workshop, I was sensitive and having a load of past and future, but now from this workshop, my life has changed. I have become bold and living freely.
YUSRA: I used to be in the past or future carrying the baggage, but now I am in the present. I often used to break my word, but now I have learnt how to honor it. When I used to pray, I did not have Khushoo in my Salah, but now I can really pay attention to it. When anyone commented on me, I used to get upset, but now I do not feel bad. The workshop was very energetic.
SADIA: I was always in depression, I was not living, but surviving my life. I always blamed others, but after the workshop, I realized my mistakes and started working on it and find my life easy now.