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The Discover Yourself Workshops were held in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in March 2018.
Some of the participants share their Experiences about the Workshop

  • I am generally a person who is stable. I learned a lot about using the heart and not the mind to achieve my goals in life. It was excellent and practical. People in South Africa need such workshops, a lot of divisions, race issues. Advertise more broadly.
  • You learn to be a human being again. If everyone attends, we all will live a happy life.
  • Before the workshop, I was always angry at everyone. I was angry at Allah for my situation. But now I realize that I am just playing a victim and not submitting to His will.
  • I can now distinguish between Truth and Falsehood. I can make choices and acknowledge and accept whatever happened.
  • Discovering myself is the best. Coming out of the mind to the heart. Accepting everything and everyone for who they are.
  • I was able to distinguish and realize that I can choose my being.
  • My journey of transformation from external (mind) to internal (heart) has begun. I became aware of my opinion and can distinguish between truth and falsehood. An interaction between the facilitator and participants was excellent.
  • If you are open to lead a better life and enjoy better relationships, then this workshop is invaluable. It has been very enriching.
  • It helped me deepen the understanding of distinguishing the voices and what to do with it. A great gift to humanity.
  • It made me aware that I cause my opinions to dominate my belief system. I realize that I limit myself to the potential of the true self. The workshop has impacted me since the first day that my mind was silenced.
  • The workshop is extremely useful Alhamdulillah, so much to say so little space. It gave me deeper understanding and insights. It is absolutely, informative and transforming.
  • I did not realize that what I believe is just an opinion and not a reality.
  • I discovered my success. I could not accept reality, always blamed others and now I can reflect/ accept and take responsibility and choose rather than decide.
  • The workshop brought out a clear understanding of life matters, trials, and tribulations, accepting reality and finding solutions for problems.
  • The workshop is ideal for drawing people out of their own world and into reality.

We are strong enough to hold our own lanterns. But to shine through with the help of another is most precious. Khan Sab you are certainly going to be one of my lanterns on this beautiful journey of Life. Allah Hafez
– Mureeda Kara, Johannesburg

RASHEDA: I have always been a person who questions and wants to understand my perception of life. I am an activist, and I found my purpose in life in this workshop through his approach. I am busy in the community and feel I can make a difference with his confirmed approach to understanding the heart and living Quran and Sunnah. I would have missed out on my life. I have come to understand myself and others better .

BULELANI: I was frustrated and worried about my achievements, blaming people, having anger and grudges. Now I feel light, distinguish what is truth and false. I can listen and tolerate others. I am committed to help others and to work on myself without the pressure of getting the result. I am confident of the future. Spiritually, I know I need a connection with Allah. More people should have been informed.

NUHRAAN: My life was very judgmental, not accepting people for who they are, always blaming and complaining, I was the victim always and angry at everyone and everything. After the workshop, I came out of the box (mind) and connected to my soul. Now, I ask myself is it an opinion (mind) or truth (heart) speaking and apply the triple test. Calmness has taken over me.

ISMAIL: I would always live my life on the opinions of others and on my false self. I would believe the false beliefs about myself and believe them to be true. I would base my life and actions on those false beliefs, I am right and you are wrong. I thought I was being good and being the best and think of myself only. But now Alhamdulillah, I realized the truth and can choose for myself to be who Allah made me be. I can choose to be truthful, caring, kind, just, loving and I declare now to hold and practice it every day of my life. I realized my values and Who I am inside, will show outside. Is it possible to change the name of ‘Discover Yourself’ to ‘Discover Your True Self’?

FATIEMA: This workshop has opened my eyes to how faulty I was while I perceived reality. Also, how I blamed and held my husband accountable for the past and my unhappiness. Now, I take responsibility for myself and acknowledge my past. I have been very negative about my life and my circumstances but after the 3 days, I do not feel so gloomy. I still have lots of room for growth on this journey. It saddens me that there are so few attendees. I feel the marketing needs to be improved.

NAZEER: My life was at an all time low, I was an emotional wreck, had no self-belief and zero confidence. My mind questioned every petty happening, lost my drive for life and forgot my personality. I loved seclusion. The workshop is brilliantly structured and I would have missed so many things that changed my life, and success of returning to Allah.

CASSIM: I was able to control my anger which was noticed by my family on the first night. I felt that I should stop judging them based on my standards. It changed the way you think and very interesting and thought-provoking.

ZAHEER: Before the workshop, I was living my life from my mind using logic/reasons/rational/opinions/judgments/colour glasses/right-wrong/what/ how? Looking for answers. After the workshop, living in reality, with the ability to distinguish truth and falsehood, God-consciousness and living in the present accepting willingly, submitting, no questions and responding to values and principles. To live my life from Allah’s perspective and not my own perspective. Responding to evil with good.

SAMEERA: Before the workshop, I had no idea of the rewards and living in submission as opposed to denial. From now I can make a conscious effort to distinguish reality from denial. I enjoyed thoroughly. n