Magical Mid-Summer Solace in Delhi!

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Magical Mid-Summer Solace in Delhi!

One of the Best Three Days of My Life
Dropping Burdens of Life in Bahrain
Kindling Hope in Kashmir

The Discover Yourself Workshop provided Spiritual Nourishment for a lifetime!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organized at Anglo Arabic Sr. Secondary School, Ajmiri Gate, Delhi, from 18 to 20 March 2022.
Participants from Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ranchi and Delhi participated. Some of the participants share their Experiences:
• It was superb and much needed for each and every person.
• The workshop is very effective and has practical explanation.
• An eye-opening reminder, It immensely helped for my spiritual nourishment.
• It was simply magical and life-changing.
• It is beneficial, engaging, and I recommend that everyone attends this workshop.
• It helped me to overcome my sufferings.
• Earlier with no direction in life, I totally changed my approach to life.
• A very beneficial and thought-provoking workshop. Totally new concept and way of looking at life.
• It is a life-changing workshop that cannot be missed.
• To control your anger, techniques how to distinguish between, Qareen and Allah’s will and differentiate between mind and heart.

POONAM: Before the workshop, I felt alone, single-handedly facing my life’s problems. There was war in my mind. Now I have no questions, and I can feel the state of ‘LA’ – nothingness. I experience peace in my mind. I accept reality and live a life of submission. I willingly accept my daughter and my husband unconditionally.

AYUB: It was really transformative to me. I appreciate the effort you invest in those souls. Keep rocking. Keep continuing the work, don’t leave a single stone unturned. Steams and springs are hidden there. It is my pleasure to become a tool for the cause of transformation. Once again, many, many thanks for the event in Delhi.

SAMEENA: Being a science and maths teacher, I believed that everything in the world had some logic and reasoning or permutations combination. I never realized when I converted my life into equations, actions, and reaction theory. This three-day experience gave me a new perspective to view my problem and come out with a solution, rather than finding the logic and reason behind them. I am committed to applying whatever I have learned in this workshop.

RASHID: The workshop was really an eye-opener. It created a shift and imbibed positive energy in me and my family’s lives. I am giving up my ego, willingly accepting reality, and living in the present.

NAZAN: It was easier for me to let go of my past after the workshop. Lately, I have been living with too many negativities. Now, I feel much lighter after letting go of the baggage that caused obstacles in my connection with Allah. It helped me to come out of my self-deception and focus on aligning my internal with the external so that I can accept reality.

ATIF: Before attending the workshop, life was topsy-turvy. Now it has started falling in line. It will take time. Responses from the family members were overwhelming. I will give up procrastination and will honour my word.