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Assalam Alaikum sir
I had attended your workshop in 2005 as a student of Ghousia polytechnic Bangalore. I was inspired by your speech. Alhamdulillah trying to stand by your words from that day till now. Your words really motivated me. Personally I met you and I took your autograph in an A4 sheet stating “Be True To Yourself.” Till date, I have kept it safely and whenever I see, it will remind me about your workshop and while giving autograph you had said to me”¦ why do you need it, you will keep it safe for a month or for a year, later you will throw it, but sir I have kept it till now and trying to lead my life as you said from the heart. Alhamdulillah”¦. Thank you so much sir for motivating many people.
Blessed that I had met you once in my life.
Sadathullah Khan Replies: Jazakallah khair. You have made my day! It is so encouraging when the participant takes all the trouble to share how impactful our workshop was and what difference it made to your life. Many doubt that all that you do, lasts only for a few days and months. But you have proven them wrong and given me the courage to continue the work to make a difference to one soul at a time. I am proud of you.