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Soul Searching in South Africa

Discovering Yourself in Delhi
Learning the Art of Empowerment

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria in March 2019.

Some of the Participants share their Experiences:

“¢ Before, I took human beings for granted (including myself). Now I appreciate myself as a human being and others as human beings.
“¢ Every human being should attend this workshop, young and old. You will find your true inner self.
“¢ It has given me tools to allow me to gain closeness to Allah. The workshop added value to my life.
“¢ Valuable life transforming skills. I am grateful and blessed for this opportunity to strengthen my connection to Allah and Taqwa.
“¢ I enjoyed the workshop so much that I wished for more days. I learned coaching techniques from an Islamic perspective. I would like Mr. Khan to train a few life coaches to do this.
“¢ Before the workshop, I was in the box and now I am out of the box with a feeling that I am out of prison. I started fighting my ego. It is interesting, excellent and satisfactory.
“¢ I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I am now conscious of my thoughts and know that there is only One Reality. Mind blowing and an eye opener.
“¢ I was in denial and was stuck in a rut of being very negative. It opened my mind. It was soul searching and I cried for two days.
“¢ The workshop explains excellently how the mind and heart operates and shows you how to operate on a different level.
“¢ This workshop is an enlightenment for the mind, body and soul. I lived life partially asleep and now after the workshop, I feel fully awakened, empowered by the skills I have developed through the workshop.
“¢ A metamorphism of the mind to the heart. To make a holistic change within myself.
“¢ This workshop has opened many issues in our daily lives and has had a great impact on myself and my family.
“¢ Helped me to reconnect with Almighty Allah. Inspirational, mind blowing experience with life-long implications.
“¢ It helped me join the dots to many trials I was facing, and I have been searching for solutions for many years.
“¢ I was in a negative space, I had a lot of questions about life and a lot has been answered. It has impacted my life in a positive way.
“¢ I am free of the past baggage and I got to realize who really, I am. It was the best I have ever attended.
“¢ I learned that I cannot change my ex-husband’s habits. I have forgiven and let go. I am a Muslim, but learned so much about what it is to be and live as a Muslim.