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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Buffalo, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles in the last week of July 2012. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

* It helped me to accept the reality.
* I am a Christian, I have learnt from this experience which is applicable to Christian beliefs. I am glad I was a part of this workshop.
* It was really informative, interesting and can be practically applied in our daily lives.
* The noise in my head reduced dramatically. It improved my salah and awareness.
* It taught me acceptance and to forgive.
* I was able to dissolve my anger more easily.
* I was able to see life in a new perspective that I could ever imagined.
* It is filled with more practical daily examples to deal with situations.
* It is an excellent workshop and everybody should get to do this.
* Before the workshop, there was no peace and now there is so much peace and no war.
* It helped me become a calmer person and it was very inspiring.
* It was very beneficial and practical.
* I got hope for future while living in the present.
* The workshop was extremely useful.
* I got confirmation of the main causes of the Muslim community’s decaying trend. Good attempt to bring awareness among Muslims.

ABDUL ALIM: The workshop was truly intriguing to know about yourself. Br Sadathullah delivered it with great enthusiasm. The concept of that “I” (EGO) being the obstacle between myself and Allah was huge and how this obstacle can be removed. It was truly an eye opener and I will definitely recommend to others to attend this workshop and get benefited out of this sessions.
SUMMAYAH: I judged everything before the workshop, but now I submit to the reality and I will see things from others’ point of view.
ARSHAD: I felt liberated after the workshop. It was a very good feeling. I felt light and relaxed. The experience was ultimate feeling of peace.
TABREZ: I was not quite sure what the workshop was going to be about, however, it was very interesting, very informative, motivational and joyful. Rarely such topics are taught these days. It was a journey worth taking and required a courageous effort to partake. Very well organized and the coach was very fair to all the participants.
M.OODALLY: The workshop was an eye-opener, empowering, transforming and a great learning experience. Before the workshop, I used to get angry, upset and now I can deal with reality in a state of submission.
AMINA: It was thought provoking and an eye opener. I am happy to say that the workshop has made me aware of the necessity to be conscious, be in the now and to submit to reality. It reiterates’ the need and the ways to live a happy and meaningful life.
HAMZAH DEMESY: Allah is Great!! You have touched my heart and your words are good. I need your wisdom and this was the best going into Ramadan to help make the change to reality.
ROOMNA: Thank you very much for your presentation. I really enjoyed it and plan to put it into practice in my life. Jazakallah Khayr.
ABU ISHAQ ABDUL HAFIZ: I think the seminar was informative and the instructor was well organized and used simple language that was easy for all the participants. I think this was beneficial and I would support this workshop even in the future.
DURRE SHENAZ: It was a very good topic covered very well, very real and close to life. We all are experiencing these things in life. This kind of workshops will be really good for young Muslims, so they can start living in the state of submission from very young age and live their life positively. I am interested in attending more workshops like that and will try to arrange one too.
SAYED NASIR; I would like to attend another workshop. Today I have learnt how to transform. This workshop has made me understand what is submission. Also instead of reacting, I found solutions to mishaps and problems.
SAMIA BANOO: I really appreciated the connection you made between living in the state of submission to living in line with reality-the examples you gave to demonstrate the point were awesome!! I would like to attend your future workshops and help with their publicity among my contacts.
ZIA ALI KHAN M: Al-hamdulillah it’s an eye opening session, Brother, I am thankful to Allah and to you for this session. I request you to please conduct one workshop in Hyderabad, India.
FATIMA AHMED: I enjoyed the session. I learned the distinction between a denier and submitter, it was a good analysis.
JUVERIYA MEHDI: I really liked the workshop. I would like to help to organize the 3 day workshop in Simi Valley, because this is very beneficial for families.
ANEES IBRAHIM: I like this workshop very much because I understood the difference between submitter and denier.