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The Discover Yourself workshops were held in Hyderabad on the 27, 28and 29th September 2019. In Kolkata on the 4, 5 and 6th October 2019 and in Village Bara, Ghazipur District on the 12,13and 14th October 2019.

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:
“¢ It is excellent and it cleared all my doubts and I feel, I should have attended the workshop long ago.
“¢ The workshop helped me in boosting my self-confidence and I found inner peace.
“¢ My life changed right at the start of the workshop when Sadath sir, said we judge people with our own standards. It changed my thinking from mind to heart.
“¢ It affected my heart and directly connected to the reality that is Allah- Haq. I got positive energy and clarity on how to live in this world in every situation.
“¢ It prevents from damaging self and society and it is practical.
“¢ It is educative, enlightening and helps people clear out the fundamentals of life. It has instilled in me the ability to distinguish.
“¢ Before the workshop, I had a bit of superiority complex about myself, but after the workshop, I felt all are equal. The workshop is excellent, and it made a difference in my life.
“¢ Before the workshop, I was confused. I did not know the evil in me and now, I know and how to control it.
“¢ This workshop has made me realize that my heart will be at peace when your loved ones are happy. Alhamdulillah! It was a life-changing experience.
“¢ Earlier, I was living in darkness and now it brought me into the light. I discovered myself.

IBRAHIM: Before the workshop, I did not believe that the heart should control the mind. Before the workshop, I thought I am important, and all should give importance to me. Now, I realized that we are all human beings created by Allah, we are all equal and hence we must respect all human beings. I learnt to live a life of submission, when we submit to the will/ reality we will be in peace and when we deny, we will be miserable and suffer. I thank you for the beautiful and valuable content, style, and coaching. Jazakallah Khair!
JUNAID. The workshop is multi-dimensional. In every hour, a new dimension, new area, new idea comes up, and finally all are inter-related. Now, I can identify the waswas (whisperer), my actions, my language, my words and differentiate between good and evil. I learned to see the reality. I came to know, we are all created as human beings. The whole thing resolves in being human.
ATTA: I was often confused as to what and who I was, and took refuge in music, sports, yoga, journeying, etc. In the workshop, I was made to free myself from the blames of the past and future. Now, I can distinguish between me and my mind.
IRFAN: Before the workshop, I was sad, angry, rude at every point of time. I used to always think negative about myself. But after the workshop, I am confident and a positive thinker. Attending the workshop changed my entire life. Every individual can change and turn towards the Almighty, if you follow the workshop.
SAIRA: I was born in a Bengali family. Graduated in B.A. in 2011. Now from this year, I am doing MSc in psychology as a distance course, apart from a psychological counseling course from Jadavpur University. I am also learning hypnotherapy course and radionics therapy and homeopathy now. I have my own small Gym center. I have faced so many difficulties in my whole life. In the last 1.5yrs I was depressed and there was no meaning in my life. I did many other workshops, but this is one of my best workshop. I found peace for three days. I am a new Muslim.
NAAZ: My journey started when I met Sir in 2017 and it was a great experience when I started to understand his discourse. I got to know that there are two ways in life. One isAllah’s way and the other being the Shaitan’s way. I chose to walk on the path of Allah. After attending his workshop, I got the wisdom that I was seeking and was always looking forward to attending his next workshop. His workshop was an eye opener for me as I always feel enlightened and enriched with his discourse. I decided to go ahead with the Train the Trainer workshop in Bangalore to impart my knowledge to others. It is not that I never fell thereafter, but it was with the guidance of Sir that I got to stand up and move ahead. This year too, I attended the programme and the same was imparted to us in a different way and in a different style. Sir is like a Godfather to me as he has always guided me and given me and shown me the light which was like a key to my life’s surroundings. He taught me how to use my words when speaking with others. I pray for Sir’s good health and may Allah give him loads of energy so that he can continue to inspire people who need guidance in their lives.
SHAGUFTA: Yes! The workshop made a difference. Earlier I was groping in darkness and was quite puzzled about certain questions like, if the Muslim is ‘khairaummah’ then why the conditions of Muslims are so bad? Why Muslims are not getting due respect? How we should get our past glory back? After attending the workshop, I got the answer to some of my questions. I feel I am a confident person now. Although I cannot change other”‹’s”‹ perspectives, I can change mine, be happy and satisfied with whatever I have. May Allah give you success, happiness, peace, and prosperity so that together we can change the world, Inshallah.
RIZWAN: Really, this workshop was remarkable to experience. Before the workshop, I was in darkness. I did not recognize who I am? Why I have come into this world? What should be our purpose of life? But now, after the workshop, the concepts are clear to find a valuable life. First, I will change myself and then I will change my surroundings are. My thanks to Akbar Khan and to my coach for this life-changing workshop.
NAGMA: It was amazing. Before the workshop, my life was full of stress and suffering. After the workshop, I am so happy. I got the real meaning of life and what is Truth.
TANZEEM: Before the workshop, I was selfish, I did not care for others, I was always fighting with my sister and used to scold her. After the workshop, my attitude changed, I started helping everyone. When I was returning home from the workshop, one old man was asking help, but no one was helping him, but I took him to his house and he blessed me. Yes, I have changed my life, I have become responsible and started helping everyone.
ATIF: It is the best workshop in my life. Before the workshop, my life was just like that of an animal and boring, I always would tell lies and never obey my parents. After the workshop, I feel life is simple and I am a human being. Now, I started to speak the truth and obey my parents. My attitude completely changed.