When You left, You left  your language with Me

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When You left, You left your language with Me

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I was very much concerned about what was and what will be, while in DYS (Discover Yourself workshop held on the 16-19 September 2022 in Srinagar) I realized yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift and that’s why it’s called present. Because I was surrounded by conflicts, and traumatic experiences I was helpless to claim why only me, why I am in this situation…I cannot tell you the tears which I used to cry. I was a mental slave, I was fed up questioning myself all the time why I am surrounded by those kind of filthy relationships, because from a very tender age I was gripped by conflicts and experienced traumas and as a student of psychology running after this text to that text, this research to that research, this therapeutic approach to that therapeutic but in the end, it was confined to words only and describing the lines.

But attending the DYS was experiential and what psychologists say is practically taught here. Here are some experiences that I get not what I understand…

When you invest in yourself/ work on yourself you’ll see the transformation in others

You are an eagle flight is your vocation, you have other skies Stretching out before you
Your faith should empower you to try to grow don’t ever be helpless!

Will it matter in the end?
“It is as it is”.
Each day you are one step closer to your living best day yet!
Seize every opportunity.
Every day that you wake up in the mornings it is a sign
‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.

‘Behold dear heart it’s the season of change of falling crimson leaves and the gold skies, of the purple and pinks and crisp breeze, behold O dear heart let go of the fear and embrace the Change!’

People have a story that impacts how they treat you. You can offer them grace, understand they’re hurt, and decide to take space from the relationship because it’s not healthy for you. Knowing what someone has been through is not a reason to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Release yourself from the responsibility of healing them and remaining loyal when you’re being hurt.

Accessing our heart’s natural intelligence can create an energetic field of unconditional love and harmonious interactions helping humanity to realize we are one earth, one yard, one people.

I’m grateful to Sadatullah Khan sir, who has devoted his entire life to this mission. May Allah bless you with the absolute best Amīn.

I’ll leave you with these comments.

When you left, you left your language with me. I use some of the words you had used, and in mid-conversation, I pause as your thoughts weave through my heart. And it’s like, it’s like the language we both spoke still remains despite everything. And I look for it everywhere, in every stranger but though they speak it, it sounds foreign in their tongue.

Wallahi your feelings are a language of your own that at times no one can understand, but your Lord is the Master of all languages so be affirmed that He understands.