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Bangalore: A book on extraterrestrial intelligence in the light of the Holy Quran by a city-based Islamic scholar has been published by an American publishing house. Titled Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Amazing New Insight from Quran has been brought out by CreateSpace, a subsidiary of the Amazon. com. Running into 286 pages, the book was penned by Mr. Sayeedur Rahman Nadvi, who
heads the city based Furqania Academy. A  graduate from Nadwatul Ulama in Lucknow, Mr. Sayeed had been studying possibilities
of life in space and other planets for nearly seven years. He picked up cue from his father late Maulana Shihabuddin Nadvi who established the Academy principally to promote scientific studies with clues in the divine scripture some four decades ago.
Sayeed told Islamic Voice that the book in paperback has been priced at $18 and has so far sold nearly 400 copies, mainly by the book-lovers in the English using countries.  he book is available for sale in both the e-book as well as paperback formats in nearly all the major online and offline wholesalers and retailers of  the world, including Amazon, Barns and Noble, Ingram Books, NACSCORP, Baker and Taylor, Alibris etc Mr. Sayeed told Islamic Voice that he had raised questions such as “Are we alone? Is the Earth unique? Does life or the intelligent one exist merely on this humble planet or it enjoys many more similar abodes across this amazing universe too?” He said the modern science had benefited us in an unprecedented way not only in our understanding of the many vital realities of the natural world it has also enabled us greatly to place a whole host of statements of the Qur’an concerning it in their right perspectives. The ground-breaking insights thus obtained shall certainly go a very long way in resolving in a marvelous fashion many of the riddles faced by the science itself in its own quest for the aliens. Chiefly among them is the scintillating mystery behind the evidence of past surface liquid water and a minuscule atmosphere particularly on Mars. He said. “More incontrovertible evidence is found for the first time in support of biological evolution pervading not only terrestrially but all through the universe too. A remarkable convergence of religion and science is in the offing!” “Besides”, he said, “the readers in general shall, as it touches the lives of each one of them, certainly be captivated by a radically new and exceptionally balanced but hitherto uncharted philosophy of human life described  thoroughly and extremely lucidly in the book.”