Wanted Groom


Wanted Groom


Syed Parents seek a match for their only daughter aged 25 yrs. 5’5″, M.Com,  was married for a few months, and Qula obtained issueless,  seeking a groom who should be working professional, religious with decent family background, Bachelor/Divorcee issueless.  Contact :789914655/ 99880780423.  Email: [email protected]

Sunni Muslim Parents invite alliance for their daughter. Doctor, age 26 years, 162 cms, currently pursuing part B,(MRCS – UK), highly educated family, with moderate Islamic Values, seeking a doctor, well settled in the UK, or Gulf, with educated family background, preferably from Bangalore. Please Correspondence us with ful details/photos: [email protected]

Riyadh: Sunni Muslim Bangalore-based parents, invite alliance from well educated, religious and cultured families from Bangalore or Gulf settled families for their V fair and beautiful daughter 25 years, MBA, HR, observes hijab. Mohammed Vaseemuddin – please email or WhatsApp profiles to – [email protected], Mob -+966567957472 ( Riyadh, KSA)

Chitradurga, Karnataka:  Wanted Muslim groom, pious religious employee, below 30 years for their only daughter age 26 years, height 5.2, 2nd PUC, ITI. Contact: Mohd Hussain 8277586708.

Jeddah: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter,22 years, very fair, 5’7, B.com, MBA, Teacher, from religious families, age 25-29 years, Bachelor’s or Master, resident in KSA, USA, OR CANADA, UK. Contact: +966 569686501

Jeddah: Jeddah-based Hyderabadi Sunni family seeks alliance for their daughter 21 years, 5’6, Medium fair with sharp features, valid Saudi iqama, B.Sc, Pursuing B.Ed first year in Hyderabad, from a well educated decent family. Contact +966 559 527 732.