2nd Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Best Published Paper Award

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Centre for Study of Society and Secularism is happy to announce the 2nd Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Best Published Paper Award 2019! This award is presented to the best academic paper published in the previous year (2018 for this year) under the topics mentioned below. Papers published in print journals will qualify for this award.
Eligibility Criteria

  1. Originality and well researched paper
  2. Contemporary Relevance
  3. Quality contribution to the existing body of knowledge on:
    a) Social Cultural Diversity
    b) Islam and Social Issues like Gender Rights, Human Rights, Social Justice
    c) Communalism
    d) Communal Harmony and Peace
    e) Religion and Society
    f) Secularism
  4. The applicant should be the sole author of the paper. Co-authored papers are not eligible for this award.
  5. The paper must be written in English.
  6. The word count of the paper must be between 5000 – 7000 words (including bibliography).
  7. The paper submitted should have been published in a journal (Print) in the year 2018 (between 1st January to 31stDecember 2018). Papers submitted for publication or ‘in press’ will not be considered.
  8. The paper must mention the Peer reviewed Journal’s ISSN number and in which it was published.
    The Prize
    The winner of the Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Best Published Paper Award will be awarded with a certificate and a cash prize of INR 25,000.
    Application Procedure:
  9. The applicant should submit the published paper in a PDF format (An online version of the paper will be appreciated) with the subject captioned “Submission: Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Best Published Paper Award 2018″ to [email protected]
  10. The deadline for submission is 1st July 2019.