Sikhs in Peshawar Arrange Iftar

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Peshawar: The Sikh community is arranging Iftar at various places in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, where Muslims are served with food. The Sikh community had arranged Iftar for labourers, passersby and shopkeepers in Ramadan last year as well. They are arranging Iftar dinners for the people at various localities in the provincial capital with the help of the local charity organisations. Apart from young and old men, the Sikh children can be seen serving the Muslim guests with food. “We hosted Iftar for 29 days during Ramadan last year. We held Iftar dastarkhwan at three different places in Peshawar, Mardan and other districts,” Baba Gurpal Singh, a leader of the Sikhs, told The News. This year, the Sikh community members have hosted Iftar in Gulbahar and at the Lady Reading Hospital.