The First Mosque to be Designed by a Woman

Aaghaz Foundation Asifa Memorial Scholarship
Red Rose Campaign to Promote Peace and Love
7th South India NGOs Conference – Social Hero Awards 2018

The Şakirin Mosque is thought to be the first mosque in Turkey to be designed by a woman. The Mosque which is situated in Istanbul combines contemporary and modern design whilst paying homage to traditional Ottoman design.
The 500 capacity Mosque was designed by interior designer, Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu who is famous for designing shops, restaurants and luxury hotels along with other female artists receiving worldwide acclaim. It features traditional Ottoman style features such as a large dome covering the main prayer area, minarets and a courtyard. Take a step inside, and it’s like you have taken a step into the future. The Minbar has been given a modern rethink, whilst maintaining the traditional steps for the Imam to climb in order to deliver his sermon. The chandelier is said to represent ‘Nur’ descending on worshippers. The women’s gallery provides ample space for female worshippers. And the walls are decorated with the names of Allah and Quranic verses. Like traditional Ottoman mosques, the ceiling bears the names of Allah, His Messenger and the rightly guided companions.
If you are ever in Istanbul, be sure to visit it!