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Controversial Hijab ban forced One lakh Girls to leave Colleges

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New Delhi: CPI (M) MP John Brittas brought up the contentious ban on head covering in educational institutions in Karnataka during the budget session in the Rajya Sabha. He asserted that as a result, approximately 1 lakh Muslim women students in Karnataka discontinued their studies at government colleges.

He was taking part in a debate on a private member’s resolution that Abdul Wahab of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) had proposed, which urged the government to heed the Sachar Committee report’s recommendations.

While discussing crimes against Muslims, journalist and managing director of Kairali TV (Malayalam), Brittas, bemoaned the lack of specificity in Wahab’s resolution.

He said that more than one lakh Muslim girls left Karnataka’s government colleges on their own as a result of the hijab controversy.

Brittas asserts that there are much fewer Muslim female students enrolled in educational institutions than there need to be.

In a related affidavit to the Supreme Court, Brittas asserted that the Karnataka government rejected the hijab in order to uphold a secular clothing code for college students.