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Empowering Women: Riyadh Event Spotlights Inspirational Stories and Future Opportunities

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In Riyadh, the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) and the UN came together to honor International Women’s Day on March 8th with a special event titled “In Her Shoes: Inspirational Stories of Women Shaping the Future.” This event served as a platform to showcase the remarkable journeys of women leaders in digital, economic, and diplomatic sectors.

Alaa Abdulaal, Chief of Digital Economy Foresight at the DCO, expressed her admiration for the challenges overcome by fellow women leaders, emphasizing the need to break barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. Esteemed figures such as Sweden’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Petra Menander, and CEO of Circular Economy Co., Dr. Hajjar El-Haddaoui, contributed to the panel discussion, shedding light on both progress and challenges faced by women in various sectors.

Abdulaal expressed hope for a future where International Women’s Day would become obsolete, signifying true equality for women. She stressed the importance of celebrating women’s achievements while striving for a more inclusive society.

Held at the UN Building in the Diplomatic Quarter, the event brought together a diverse audience to celebrate women’s accomplishments. Abdulaal highlighted the necessity for initiatives aimed at empowering women in the digital economy, reaffirming the DCO’s dedication to providing equitable opportunities.

In an interview, Abdulaal elaborated on the DCO’s initiatives, including a framework for women in ICT designed to enable and empower women in the digital sphere. She emphasized the crucial role of collaboration among governments, the private sector, and international organizations in supporting women’s advancement in the digital economy.

Abdulaal underscored the collective responsibility of both men and women in empowering women within the ICT sector, stressing the importance of skill development, access to financial resources, and mentorship opportunities for women in leadership roles.

Deemah Al-Yahya, Secretary-General of the DCO, highlighted the transformative power of assisting women in transitioning to online platforms and providing them with essential resources for success. She shared a compelling story of a dentist in Rwanda whose professional reach expanded significantly through online platforms and innovative solutions.

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where women shared personal experiences and discussed strategies for overcoming obstacles in their careers and personal lives. Overall, the event served as a vital platform for showcasing women’s achievements and discussing avenues for further empowerment in the digital age.