Global Action Urged on Afghan Women’s Rights:  Munich Security Conference 2024

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Global Action Urged on Afghan Women’s Rights: Munich Security Conference 2024

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Foreign Ministers from twelve nations, including Albania, Canada, France, and Germany, convened at the Munich Security Conference 2024 to express grave concerns over escalating human rights abuses against Afghan women and girls. They denounced systemic gender persecution by Afghanistan’s de facto authorities, calling it potential crimes against humanity.

Despite previous expectations, the Taliban’s actions have worsened, with increased detentions of women and girls prompting urgent calls for their release. Ministers highlighted the dire situation, where Taliban policies marginalize women, denying them education, employment, and basic freedoms.

In a unified statement, ministers urged the Taliban to adhere to international human rights laws and grant Afghan girls access to education. They called for intensified global focus on Afghan women’s rights, emphasizing that respecting human rights is crucial for Afghanistan’s reintegration into the international community.

The Munich Security Conference 2024 served as a platform to address not only security concerns but also the urgent need for global action on women’s rights in Afghanistan, reaffirming the international community’s commitment to standing with Afghan women and girls amidst ongoing challenges.