Islamic Scholars Convene in Istanbul to Address Ummah Challenges and Humanitarian Crise

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Islamic Scholars Convene in Istanbul to Address Ummah Challenges and Humanitarian Crise

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The Consultative Summit of Islamic Scholars recently concluded in Istanbul after several days of deliberations aimed at tackling the multifaceted challenges confronting the Muslim Ummah and humanity at large. The conference, which commenced three days prior in Istanbul, Turkey, wrapped up on Tuesday, May 14.

Ministers and representatives from various Islamic nations, alongside esteemed scholars from the Islamic world, engaged in intensive discussions to devise strategies for overcoming the array of challenges and threats facing the Muslim Ummah and broader humanity.

Central to the conference deliberations was the urgent need for unity within the Islamic Ummah and the adoption of a cohesive stance on shared issues. Reports indicate that participants extensively addressed the current situation, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and concerted action.

Representing Afghanistan at the summit was Noor Mohammad Saqib, the Acting Minister of Information, Hajj, and Religious Affairs.

The summit unfolded against the backdrop of escalating conflict in Gaza, where over 35,000 casualties, predominantly comprising women and children, have been reported due to intensified hostilities by Israel.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan continues to grapple with a deepening humanitarian crisis following the Taliban’s assumption of power, exacerbating longstanding challenges in the country. The summit highlighted the critical necessity for collaborative efforts to address humanitarian needs, particularly in conflict-affected regions.