King Abdullah Translation Award: Bridging Cultures

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King Abdullah Translation Award: Bridging Cultures

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RIYADH: The King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation, hosted by the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh, has received 226 nominations for its 11th edition.

The award celebrates cross-cultural understanding by recognizing exceptional translations across languages, fields, and cultures.

Dr. Saeed Al-Saeed, the award’s secretary-general, revealed that submissions from 36 countries covered humanities and natural sciences, with works translated from and into Arabic.

Submissions included 14 translations from Arabic to other languages in humanities, 40 translations into Arabic in natural sciences, and 91 translations into Arabic in humanities.

The nominations included 51 individuals and 30 institutions, all contributing to the field of translation.

Currently under evaluation, these submissions aim to bridge linguistic and cultural divides, fostering knowledge exchange and constructive dialogue.

Initiated in 2006, the award underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to promoting global understanding and cooperation.

Evaluation criteria encompass six categories, including institutional efforts, individual contributions, and translations in humanities and natural sciences in both directions between Arabic and other languages.