Potential of Islamic tourism worth $230 billion by 2028: Speakers

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Potential of Islamic tourism worth $230 billion by 2028: Speakers

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Islamabad: The speakers at the tourism (Ziyarah) conference held in Uzbekistan said that the potential of Islamic tourism is US $230 billion by 2028 which can play a significant role in the economic integration of Islamic counties.

They said that currently, the population of the Muslim world is 2.3 billion, which is 27 percent of the world’s population, which has great potential for economic activities and tourism.

The Tourism (Ziyarah) conference and ” International Ziyarah Tourism Week” was held in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and organized by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Tourism and Cultural heritage.

The Speakers said that every year 160 million Muslim tourists do religious duty or other international tourist tours, whose number will increase to 230 by 2028.

They said that Uzbekistan being the center of Islamic culture and heritage can play a major role in the promotion of Islamic tourism, today’s Ziyarah conference is a sign that Uzbekistan is making serious efforts in this regard.

Meanwhile, while addressing the tourism (Ziyarah) conference held in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism and Cultural Heritage Aziz Abduhakimov said that the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva of Uzbekistan cities have shrines of Saints and scholars, and along with that, many famous Muslim scholars and scientists were born in this country and gained world fame in their field.

He said that the government of Uzbekistan is promoting direct flights with various countries of the world, which will improve economic, trade, and tourism links with these countries.

He said that apart from this, “we are also relaxing the visa policy and providing ease in the visa process for tourists,”

He said that in the last ten months till October 30, 3.6 million tourists visited Uzbekistan and in the next two months this number is likely to reach 5 million.

The minister said that this number is 40 percent more than the number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan in 2021.

He said that the United Nations body, UNESCO has declared Samarkand as the best destination for international tourism.

He said that there are all kinds of facilities for tourists from Islamic countries in Uzbekistan, including halal food, which they can take advantage of.

He said that Uzbekistan is currently on top of the Global Muslim Tourist Index and thus many global rating agencies have declared Uzbekistan as the best place for tourism.

On the occasion, while addressing the tourism (Ziyarah) conference, the Director General of the Islamic Tourism Centre( Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia), Dr. Muhammad Razip Hasan said that Uzbekistan has its origin and has a huge potential in Islamic tourism which can improve the economies of Muslim countries.

He said that currently, 70 percent of the world’s young population is in Muslim countries, which can play an important role in such activities.

Razip Hasan said that tourism is the backbone of the modern economy, on which Muslim countries need to work.

He said that tourism has a very important role in the Malaysian economy and our government is paying a lot of attention to its facilities.

On this occasion, Fazal Bahardeen, an expert on Islamic tourism and halal market and researcher, said that Islamic tourism has a huge value in the global economy, which will reach $230 billion in the next 6 years.

He said that Islamic tourism has a lot of potential in Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq. Similarly, in the present era, there is a potential of $2.5 trillion in the world market of Halal food products, from which Islamic countries can get economic benefits.

He said that if this sector is accepted at the official level, economic integration can also happen in Muslim countries.

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