Qatar showing the Right, the Healthy Path to the World

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Qatar showing the Right, the Healthy Path to the World

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Dangerous Choices are being commercialized and globalized in the name of “Freedom of Choice”

As the dates for the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar started approaching, the world media got busy playing the game of market forces, which commercializes every human weakness in the name of “Freedom of Choice” despite there being a huge threat to human life and health. The world media is full of stories related to “controversies” surrounding the first major world tournament being held in a Muslim Arab country. They thought that this tournament would help them in popularising the “Freedom of Choices, which will help them impose the Sex and Alcohol markets in the Arab countries, some of which are already toeing their lines. Qatar resisted and banned alcohol and the display of nakedness in the stadiums. To add to the world fury, it opposed any show of solidarity (through ribbon bands in the arms) with the LGBT movement, which has in recent years become a big global movement despite its posing the most deadly threats to human existence. They expected that Qatar would bow down and under global pressure will allow at least some “Freedom” during the tournament. As it did not happen, they chose to question Qatar over its “Human Rights” records. The unfortunate part is that despite some of these “human rights” being responsible for tens of millions of deaths every year, right-thinking people including religions have failed to combat the designs of the global market forces led by the Western powers.

Facts that Expose the Threat to Humanity
See the following facts that show how dangerous sex, alcohol, gambling, and smoking have become for the very survival of humanity:

In 2021, around 650,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses worldwide. Since the beginning of the Pandemic in the 1980s, more than 40 million people have died of AIDS.

Worldwide there is an estimation of 40-42 million prostitutes. 80 percent of the world’s population of prostitutes are female and range in age between 13 and 25. Globally, female sex workers are 13.5% more likely to be living with HIV than other women of reproductive age

Homosexuality is the biggest threat to human life, as according to various figures, they are 8-30 times more likely to get HIV/AIDS and all other Sex Transmitted Diseases, the latest being Monkey Pox. The Life Expectancy of Homosexuals is considered to be 20-30 years less than normals.

According to reports, there were more than 604,000 new cases of cervical cancer and 342,000 deaths in 2020. This again is directly related to promiscuity, homosexuality, and prostitution. (Much less common in circumcised communities) 70-100 Million Abortions take place. The right of Killing Children in wombs has become a human right.

Alcohol kills 3 million people worldwide every year. It means Every 10 seconds a human being dies because of alcohol. This represents 5.9 % of all deaths. Alcohol consumption is a causal factor in more than 200 disease and injury conditions. A large number of murders, accidents, and suicides are also under the effects of alcohol.

The WHO estimates that more than 8 million people die prematurely due to tobacco use each year. This is the latest available WHO estimate as of June 2021.

According to WHO, close to 800, 000 people die of suicides globally every year. Gambling accounts for one in five cases of suicides, which means that as many as 200,000 people commit suicides on account of gambling-related problems.

Freedom of Choice: Biggest Corporate Conspiracy against Health
The forces of globalization commercialize every human weakness irrespective of its disastrous effects on health in the name of Freedom of Choice. Nobody has the guts to shout that “Human Rights” at the cost of Human Security and life cannot be defended as Human Rights. They use four-tier formulas to commercialize human weaknesses: Normalization, Institutionalization, Legalization; and Commercialization. First, they try to prove that these are normal practices and exist since ancient times. Then NGOs and other groups are used to campaign for their legalization, which is then followed by legalization. Once legalization is achieved, they are free to commercialize and globalize them. All these “Choices” bring trillions of dollars and after commercializing these, once they bring problems to society in the form of diseases, deaths, and crimes, the healthcare and law industry is there to commercialize the solutions, which again bring trillions of dollars. “Freedom of Women” has in effect proved to be nothing but the freedom of men and men-dominated markets to enjoy, exploit and commercialize their beauty and “services”.

Religions Need to Unite
If the world must be saved from the destructive designs of the forces of globalization, the only hope lies in religion. All religions, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism included, will have to unite on the grounds of common morality rather than keep fighting on the ground of religious identity. Qatar has presented a bold example. Let other countries and all those ideologies and organizations that care for life and health more than economics follow and enlarge the campaign against dangerous economics. Let Health reign supreme and not Economics! Let the World Health Organization stop playing in the hands of the market forces and prepare an agenda for truly achieving the “Highest Standards of Health” in mankind!