Saudi Arabia Under Crown Prince MBS:  Trajectory Towards Renaissance or Dystopia?

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Saudi Arabia Under Crown Prince MBS: Trajectory Towards Renaissance or Dystopia?

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Under the de facto leadership of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS), Saudi Arabia has seen remarkable economic growth, surpassing $1 trillion. However, behind this façade of prosperity lies a series of controversial practices and policies that have raised concerns both domestically and internationally.

MBS’s ambitious plans include a departure from long-standing traditions and a shift towards a more “current interpretation” of Islam, challenging established norms such as stoning and amputations. This departure has sparked controversy within the Islamic world, with dissent often met with harsh repercussions, as seen in the tragic case of Jamal Khashoggi.

Furthermore, Saudi’s attempts to normalize relations with Israel and its silence on issues like the genocide in Gaza have led to accusations of betrayal against Palestine and raised doubts about its role as a leader in the Islamic world. The opening of an alcohol shop and the transformation of sacred sites into tourist attractions further illustrate this departure from moral principles.

While some commend Saudi’s economic growth and limited reforms, others question the legitimacy of MBS’s rule and the long-term consequences of his policies. The frequent emphasis on his de facto leadership underscores the ongoing debate surrounding his rule and the direction in which Saudi Arabia is headed.

As Saudi Arabia navigates this tumultuous period, the question remains: Is it on the path to a Renaissance or a Dystopia? Only time will tell.