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Babur’s Dewan Published

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Agra: Dewan of Emperor Babur and its short English translation were released here at a function organized at Bagh e Gul Afshan on November 9. The books were published by Raza Library, Rampur. They were released by Agra University vice chancellor Prof. Muzammil Hassan and Raza Library Director Syed Azizudin Hussain. Prof. Hussain said only two manuscripts of Dewan Babur existed in the world i.e., in Tashkent and another with the Raza Library, Rampur. He said the permission for publication was secured from the Ministry of Culture. The venue for the function, Bagh e Gul Afshan was laid by the Emperor Babur himself in 1536 AD on the banks of Jamuna river.
Noted intellectuals like Prof. Raza Zaidi, Prof. Ali Athar, Mprof. Tariq Azhar, Prof. Aal Ahmad Suroor, Rampur, Arun Saxena, Som Thakur, Prof. R. C. Sharma spoke at the occasion.