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CIS Holds National Summer Camp for the Hearing Impaired

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Summer camp for Hearing Impaired
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Over a hundred hearing/speech impaired individuals from various centres participated in a three-day Islamic Summer Camp organized by Centre for Islamic Studies (Hearing Impaired) Wing here between May 18 and 20. All programmes were conducted in sign language. Mr. Shakir Ahmed, President of Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) announced that the CIS would soon start a training school for the children born with hearing deficiency as early intervention could prevent permanent impairment of hearing among children. The school will be meant for 0-3 year kids as effective treatment in that period  could help them. Shaikh Abdus Salam Madani, dean of Islamic Studies at Preston International College, Chennai spoke on the topic, ‘Responsibility of the Muslim ummah towards differently abled people’. Dr. Arshad Hussain emphasized on the necessity of a pre-school for rehabilitation and integration of hearing impaired children into the mainstream. The CIS has been running a weekly programme hearing/speech impaired since 2007 at its Cooke town office imparting them basic teachings of Islam with an average participation of nearly 30 persons every week. The 3-day camp attracted 30 participants from Andhra Pradesh, ten persons from Ranchi in Jharkhand and 25 persons from Hubli in Karnataka. Nearly 20 such women from Bangalore too were present. The Centre has prepared a book titled ‘The Fundamentals of Tawheed” for the h e a r i n g / s p e e c h impaired persons with concepts explained in simple English in order that even ordinary educated persons could understand the concept of unity of God (Tawheed). The CIS is located at: 1/5- North Road, Cooke Town, Bangalore-560084. Ph: 80-25466926