Eid Milan Events in Goa Promote Interfaith Unity and Tolerance

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Eid Milan Events in Goa Promote Interfaith Unity and Tolerance

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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Goa, recently organized a series of Eid Milan programs across various locations, including Sanvordem, Margao, Panjim, and Mapusa, from April 18 to 24, 2024. These events brought together speakers from diverse backgrounds, who addressed themes of unity, inclusivity, and the importance of coexistence in today’s polarized world.

Prominent figures such as Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar, Fr. Ashliff Correia, Swamini Gopika Nanda Saraswati, and Dr. Saleem Engineer contributed to the dialogues. Their speeches reflected a shared commitment to social justice and religious harmony. Dr. Kakodkar highlighted the interconnectedness of Goan communities, emphasizing the interdependence among different religious groups. She gave examples of people enjoying food at Muslim-owned eateries while shopping at Hindu-owned malls, stressing that religious boundaries should not divide society.

Mr. Pradeep Kakodkar underscored the importance of events like Eid Milan in reinforcing India’s identity, suggesting that these gatherings are effective responses to the divisive narratives that threaten social cohesion. He urged the silent majority to stand up against hate-mongers, promoting inclusivity and unity instead.

Father Ashliff Correia’s passionate plea for unity among all communities emphasized the shared humanity that transcends caste, creed, and region. His message resonated with many in the audience, inspiring a sense of brotherhood and collaboration.

Dr. Saleem Engineer, National Vice President of JIH, reiterated the importance of fostering love and harmony in a world often marked by division. He noted that JIH has organized over 5,000 programs to promote unity and mutual respect. His message concluded with the saying, “nafrat ko mohabbat se hi jeeta ja saktahai” (“hatred can only be conquered with love”).

These Eid Milan events provided a rich opportunity for interfaith dialogue, fostering a greater understanding of diverse faiths and reinforcing a commitment to creating a more inclusive and harmonious society. The events concluded with prayers for the strengthening of relationships and prosperity among all attendees, encapsulating the spirit of unity and mutual respect that defined the gatherings.