Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders:  The ‘Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye’ Campaign at Aligarh Muslim University

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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The ‘Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye’ Campaign at Aligarh Muslim University

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ALIGARH: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) witnessed a series of impactful initiatives under the “Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye” campaign, aimed at enlightening and empowering young voters, particularly students, about the pivotal role of voting in shaping the nation’s future.

The campaign, held both online and offline, unfolded a spectrum of engaging programs at AMU City Girls’ High School, fostering awareness and dialogue on democratic participation. Among the highlights were:

1. Essay Writing Competition: Inviting participants to delve into the theme “Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye,” the competition encouraged introspection and discourse on the significance of the first vote in a citizen’s life.

2. Online Debate Competition: Providing a platform for constructive dialogue, participants deliberated on the topic “Are reforms needed in the current voting system?” nurturing critical thinking and advocacy for electoral improvements.

3. Online Quiz Competition: Exploring the theme “Democracy and Elections after 1947,” participants tested their knowledge on historical and contemporary electoral dynamics, fostering a deeper understanding of democratic processes.

4. Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition: With the theme “Right to Vote,” participants unleashed their creativity in advocating for the fundamental democratic right of every citizen, amplifying the message through compelling slogans and visuals.

5. Digital Content Making: Leveraging modern tools and platforms, participants showcased their interpretation of “Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye,” disseminating the essence of electoral participation through various digital mediums.

Guided by esteemed teaching staff including Ms. Tehmina Ashraf, Ms. Samia Hamid, Ms. Rifa Nasir, and Ms. Kaneez Fatima, students were empowered to express their voices and contribute meaningfully to the democratic discourse.

Dr. Md. Alamgir, Principal of CGHS, lauded the students’ endeavors and underscored the significance of such initiatives in nurturing responsible citizenship and fostering a vibrant democratic culture within society. The “Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye” campaign at AMU stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to shaping tomorrow’s leaders and promoting civic engagement among the youth.