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Bengaluru: The Hameed Sha Dargah Management Committee sanctioned Rs. 44.50 lakh towards scholarships during the current year. The scholarships were given away to 3,700 students, of whom 2,700 were from schools (upto SSLC), 500 were doing PUC and 500 from degree classes. Committee chairman, G.A. Bawa said the committee provided medical assistance to the tune of Rs. 30 lakh during the year to 303 patients. The committee is seeking grant-in aid for the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) set up by the Dargah Committee. Mr. Bawa informed the newsmen that the Silk Exchange is vacating the portion it has occupied since long. A sum of Rs. 58 lakh is outstanding as arrears against the Exchange. The Hameed Sha Dargah Management Committee manages the Hameed Sha Wakf complex in the busy Cubbonpet area of Bengaluru which has nearly 300 shops operating out of the place. It is built around the mausoleums of Hazrath Hameed Sha and Hazrath Muhib Sha, two saints contemporary to Tipu Sultan. It was one of the first Wakf Complexes developed commercially in the country.