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HIB: World’s First HIB Halal Certified Preventive Medicine

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Chennai: Halal India, one of the leading Halal certification body in the World, has certified the world’s first Halal HIB vaccine, Global Vacc al-Shifa HIB Vaccine as its brand name. This was surprising as the world was not aware that the current HIB vaccine which is a pharmaceutically critical vaccine for children, was still using pork components in the vaccine manufacture. Pork components were used at the fermentation stage of the organism. There are so many critical ingredients used in the pharma product including pork. Global Vacc Al-Shifa HIB vaccine for babies has removed the pork components and made sure that all the ingredients used were Halal compliant. Halal India auditor, Abdul Hannan visited the premises of the largest vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India at Pune, inspected the factory and verified it as Halal. There are no non Halal ingredients used in the HIB vaccine. Halal India Shariah Board has given a fatwa that the Global Vacc Al-Shifa HIB vaccine for Muslim babies, is halal.
KR Biological Director, Mr. Raghu has supported and co-developed the process for it to being Halal compliant, from the manufacturing plant to the raw materials They are also working on other Halal compliant vaccines for the Muslim population which are under development, like the Meningitis ACWY135 vaccine, HPV vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Polio vaccine, Typhoid vaccine and many more. Global Vacc Al-Shifa HIB Vaccine brand owner, Raghu said that to integrate this Halal concept into vaccines was always a challenge because a lot of Pharma companies look at bottom lines and would not consider going the extra mile in sourcing for ingredients which are Halal. To combine the scientific aspect and the Halal effect, was laborious and required the assistance of a Pharma giant who would believe that this was always possible. It required a lot of research on the suitability of the vaccine to be made Halal and of course to get the right auditors who also happen to be scientists, like Mr Hannan, a trained microbiologist who understood the raw sciences and the Halal perspectives.