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Hindu Girl saves Muslim Family from Mob Attack

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By AnujaJaiswal
Agra: Days after the killing of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Aligarh’s Tappal area, a Muslim family was allegedly attacked by a mob in Jattari area while they were travelling from Ballabhgarh in Haryana to Aligarh. The family was saved by a Hindu girl, who is their close friend and was travelling with them in a van to attend a function. According to police, the incident occurred around 3 pm in Jattari, when the van with seven passengers on board, including the Hindu girl, was moving towards Maheshpur after crossing Tappal area.One of the travellers, Shafi Mohammad Abbasi, said the goons on motorcycles attacked the van with iron rods. “They beat me, my daughter who wore a veil and our driver,” Abbasi said, adding that the goons would have killed them if 24-year-old Pooja Chauhan, who was travelling with them, had not bravely intervened. “Pooja stepped out and boldly confronted the attackers,” he said. Abbasi said he had known Pooja’s family for 32 years and considers her one of his daughters. “One member from the mob softened his stand after seeing Pooja. He quietly handed us our car keys and asked us to drive away immediately,” Abbasi said. Pooja said, “The mob attacked us just because they realized that the travellers were from the other community, as some of the women were wearing veils. Such incidents should not happen with anyone.” The family managed to reach Aligarh later.
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